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Summer Tank Maintenance

By June 6, 2014 No Comments

It’s been a pleasant summer so far here in southeast Virginia, but the brutally hot days are just around the corner. If you have an above-ground propane tank at your home or business, now would be a good time to do a little maintenance.

Be sure that all combustible materials like tall grass or dry shrubs are trimmed back from around the tank. Buried tanks are far less susceptible to temperature related pressure problems, but it is always good practice to keep dry brush and grass clear of the riser collar.

If the tank is older and excess rust is beginning to build up or the tank is painted a bright color, you might consider a fresh coat of reflective paint. While there are a number of cute paint design ideas for propane tanks going around on Pinterest, the summer temperatures in Virginia are such than only light reflective colors are suitable for above ground tanks.  Darker colors allow for heat absorption which can result in excessive pressure build up.  Yes, tanks are equipped with pressure relief devices, but it’s best to prevent pressure build up in the first place. If your tank does release pressure, call Revere right away.

If you have questions about maintaining your above ground tank, call Revere at (804) 776-6834.