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Revere Gas Payment Plans Offer Relief

By February 20, 2014 No Comments

Propane prices were much higher this winter due to a whole host of unusual issues, including increased crop drying in the Midwest in the fall, pipeline and nationwide transportation issues and, of course, the frigid Polar Vortex.

Trust us…we don’t like high prices either. The sooner prices drop, the happier everyone will be.

Fortunately, Revere Gas provides these money-saving payment options to fit your needs and lifestyle.

  • Level Pay Plan-*Available Now*: We help you estimate your yearly propane usage and spread the annual cost over even monthly payments. This program ensures you’ll receive automatic delivery.

Enrollment for this plan is open any time. Call now to sign up!

  • Fixed Price Budget Payment Plan: This plan allows you to lock in your price for the entire year with gas we purchase in the summer, when gas is generally less expensive. You enroll for a single, low program fee and delivery is automatic. Enrollment for this plan is open only in the summer.
  • Pre-Buy: Buy all the fuel you need at once at a special pre-season price. We’ll help you estimate your propane needs for the year, and you make one total payment at the special rate. No program fee required. Enrollement for this plan is also only open in the summer.

Please contact one of our local offices for further explanation and to help you decide which plan is right for you – we’re here to help you in any way we can.

Click here to apply online right now!