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Propane…Not Just for the Grill Anymore.

By January 9, 2014 No Comments

Propane is a safe and clean energy source that can revolutionize your daily life at home.

Do you know all of the ways that you can use it?


While propane can surely help you grill the perfect steaks and kabobs, call Revere Gas if you want to….

  • Heat your home for less
  • Keep the pool warm all season long
  • Fuel the gas fireplace
  • Cook dinner on the stove faster and more efficiently.
  • Dry clothes without the high energy bill.
  • Never worry about running out of hot water
  • Have the peace of mind that comes with a propane-powered standby generator.
  • …among other things.

Much of what we offer has to do with making warmth a priority in residential living. Revere Gas helps our customers “get that warm feeling” everyday, but we’ve been especially busy what with the descent of the polar vortex on Central Virginia this past week. Thankfully, warmer temperatures are on the horizon, but a long winter still lies ahead. Are you prepared for another deep freeze or is it time to upgrade to safe, reliable and comfortable propane heating?

Perhaps your home is already toasty but your water is another story (no one likes a cold shower in the dead of winter). When you call Revere, our technicians will be out promptly to install a powerful and efficient propane water heater or repair an existing one.

Whatever your needs, Revere can help keep your family warm, comfortable and feeling secure. We have 7 locations across Central Virginia with highly trained fleets. Contact us today.