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Oh the Weather Outside is Frightful!

By November 26, 2013 No Comments

It’s a good thing you and your family can stay warm in a home expertly heated by Revere Gas this winter. Propane furnaces, boilers  and fireplaces are efficient, safe and cost-effective options for homeowners who enjoy the simple creature comfort of being warm and cozy (don’t we all?).

How much do you know about the gas that heats your home? Learn more with these propane facts from Revere Gas!

  • Propane is a “clean” alternative fuel that doesn’t contaminate soil or aquifers. 
  • Propane as we know it has been around since 1910 thanks to Dr. Walter O. Snelling, who isolated the vapors emitted by the gasoline of the Ford Model T.
  • Propane makes “off-grid” living easy and comfortable.
  • A high efficiency propane furnace can last for up to 20 years.
  • Propane is also known as “liquified petroleum gas.”
  • Most propane is sourced right here in the U.S.
  • Risk of death due to a propane storage or transportation accident is 1 in 37,000,000 (National Propane Gas Association). That’s less than the individual risk of being killed by lightning!
  • Propane storage tanks are painted with reflective paint for visibility and safety.
  • It is possible to convert a natural gas furnace to a propane system. Contact Revere to learn more.
  • Quality propane furnaces are rated between 90 and 98% efficient.

Not yet heating your home with propane? Building a new home? Call Revere Gas today to get on your way to a warm, safe, comfortable lifestyle with a propane furnace, boiler, hot water heater, tankless water heater or a gas fireplace. Our friendly technicians install all gas units and automatically deliver propane when you need it, so you never have to worry. We offer three affordable and convenient payment plans to better serve you. Let Revere Gas keep your family warm this winter. Contact us today or go ahead and fill out an application for service. Someone from Revere will be in touch promptly.