Getting that Wood Smoked Flavor on a Propane Grill

By August 7, 2014 No Comments

We all love the convenience of our propane grills, but sometimes you want that smokey flavor that comes from charcoal.  Here’s a great video from America’s Test Kitchen with a way to get that wood-smoked flavor on your propane grill.


4 cups good quality wood chips
Aluminum Foil


1)  Soak 2 cups of the wood chips in water for 15 minutes, then drain.
2)  Wrap the wet chips in aluminum foil, don’t let the chips puncture the foil
3) Wrap the dry chips in another foil packet, again taking care the packet isn’t punctured.
4) Then cut two 2-inch slits in the top of the packets and place both on the grill’s main burner.

Using both wet and dry wood chips ensures you’ll have an even amount of smoke the whole time you’re grilling.