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Get in Control With a Programmable Thermostat

By January 17, 2014 No Comments

Women eating popcorn by propane gas fireplaceAfter the recent “polar vortex,” many Virginians were surprised to experience, only a few days later, temperatures in the low 70s! With these kinds of weather fluctuations, it can be difficult to efficiently heat and cool your home.  You could settle for looking at the forecast and turning the heat down or off as needed, but did you know that it can actually cost more to switch off the heat than to leave it at a steady state? And besides, by the time the house has cooled down, you will probably need to warm it up again (this pattern will just repeat until March or April). Most of all, you want to keep your family comfortable regardless of the weather. A programmable thermostat is the ultimate solution for all of these challenges.

The Benefits of Programmable Thermostats

Programmable thermostats allow homeowners to preset temperatures for different times of the day and even days of the week, thereby minimizing money wasted on heating an empty or already toasty home. They come in both basic and advanced models. The latest models are incredibly precise; making it possible to preset four different temperatures within a 24 hour period. This way, you can set a desired levels of comfort for when you wake up in the morning, while you’re away at work, when you get home and when you fall asleep. Some thermostats even pair to the homeowner’s mobile device, which means that you can set the thermostat from 1,000 miles away if need be.  And all programmable thermostats let you override pre-programmed settings in the event of an unexpected snow day or impromptu road trip, so you really do have complete control.

Most new homes are built with programmable thermostats but if you live in an older house with a manual thermostat, it’s likely that you can upgrade yourself with little to no hassle. What’s more, homes heated by propane are especially good candidates for an upgrade because they use setback systems instead of heat pumps. Setback systems change temperatures more efficiently than their fossil-fueled counterparts.

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