Hearth Cleaning & Inspection Service

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Be Ready for Chilly Nights with Revere Gas.

Schedule Your $110 Hearth Cleaning & Inspection Today!

An annual cleaning and inspection of your hearth products can add years of service to your equipment, improve efficiency, and give you warmth and enjoyment in your home. Our service will include:

  • Cleaning the burner tube and/or plaques
  • Cleaning the logs and check for proper placement
  • Cleaning the pilot assembly
  • Cleaning the blower and verify its operation
  • Cleaning the fireplace glass
  • Checking electrical connections
  • Checking gas pressures
  • Checking and replacing decorative material
  • Verifying venting operation
  • Free replacement batteries for existing remotes
  • Review operation and care of the unit with the customer

As an added bonus when you take advantage of our hearth cleaning service, Revere is offering discounts on gas log remotes. Get a basic On/Off remote (normal selling price $75) for $59 or a Thermostat remote (normal selling price $150) for $119.*

*Special pricing for Revere Gas customers.  All other customers will pay regular rate.

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