Cool Off with HVAC Services this Summer

By April 30, 2015 No Comments

!cid_91C20171464E23448BFA3D6D73F97314@reveregasAs May arrives, so do higher temperatures throughout most of Virginia. The average temperature in May last year was in the upper 70’s. While this is a welcome change for beach-goers and tourists, it can make your house feel more like an oven than a home.

Installing a new HVAC unit can drastically improve the climate within your home and give you shelter from the heat and humidity outdoors. Even if you already have a unit, an upgrade or tune-up could help make your home drastically more livable and efficient in the heat.

The Revere Air team is already hard at work throughout Virginia installing and tuning HVAC units for members who have opted into our Energy Savers Agreement. Members of this agreement get priority service as well as an annual precision tune-up and discounts on repairs; joining will keep you worry-free and reward you with peace of mind throughout the year. Signing up is as simple as filling out this form and speaking with one of our representatives.