Ranges & Grills

Gas Ranges

All the world’s great chefs cook with gas because it allows immediate flame and  temperature control. So why not cook like the pros?

Revere Gas carries a line of kitchen ranges you know and trust!

Gas Grills

Did you know Revere Gas sells all types of gas grills–from portable models to high-end outdoor kitchen systems–and that we can connect your gas grill to your home’s gas line for ease and convenience?

No more running up to the store to swap out tanks!

20lb Propane Tanks

Horizontal photo of large barbeque cooker with lid up on concrete outdoor patio with woods background

Did you know that you can buy small propane tanks for your summer parties and get them refilled at your nearest Revere Gas location? Offered at most locations, get your tank filled by the propane experts, save money over over cylinder exchange cages, and never run out of gas!

Start enjoying your gas range or gas grill now. Find a Revere Gas near you, and give us a call today.