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Bring Calm This Season With Auto Fill

By December 8, 2016 No Comments

If you use propane to heat your home, your water or even your oven, running out of gas is the last thing you want to face in the middle of the winter season. Not only is it inconvenient, it also leads to worry about propane tank or piping leaks (Learn more about what to do in the event of a gas leak here). Depending on how much energy your family uses, a low tank can really sneak up on you! Instead of checking the gauge yourself regularly, consider letting Revere do the work and keep your tank safe and appropriately filled.

The Auto Fill Program

At Revere Gas, your peace of mind is our priority. That is why we offer an automatic refill service that takes the guesswork out of managing your home’s propane supply.  Revere’s predictive system estimates when the tank’s propane supply dips to 25% and promptly sends out skilled technicians to refill and check the condition of the tank. This means one less thing to think about and plenty of propane for your family’s needs.

All new Revere customers are automatically signed up for automatic delivery, but if you are an existing customer who isn’t yet signed up for our auto fill program, now is the time! Simply call your nearest Revere Gas location and ask about your options. This may also be a good time to thinking about opting into our level pay plan, which gives you predictable monthly propane costs, even in the colder months. We are excited about helping to make your life a little easier. Be ready with Revere!