Automatic Delivery vs. Will Call

By July 19, 2017 No Comments

Propane delivery optionsIf you use propane gas, you probably know all the ways in which it can improve and simplify your life. As a safe, clean, and efficient energy source, propane is a homeowner’s best friend. It does come with some responsibilities; however, like being familiar with Important Propane Safety Information. There are two ways to do this–either by automatic delivery or by will call. Do you know the difference? More importantly, do you know how and when your propane tank gets filled? Read on to learn more.

Automatic Delivery: 

You have a lot to think about when it comes to your home and family. Automatic propane delivery means one less thing to stress about. Our predictive delivery system tracks information about the weather and average propane use to schedule deliveries, so you don’t need to constantly watch the gauge on your tank (though it’s a good idea to check it periodically during periods of high demand).

For Revere customers enrolled in automatic delivery, our system is designed to generate a delivery ticket when your tank is at approximately 30%. Choosing automatic delivery makes ensuring adequate propane levels our responsibility. So, on the remote chance you run out of gas due to failure of our delivery system, you won’t be charged for the code-required leak check.

Another pro of the automatic delivery plan is that you are protected from the pain of waiting for manual propane delivery. This becomes especially important in the winter months when propane usage is higher and the weather is colder.

Will Call Delivery:

Customers on will call are responsible for monitoring tank levels and ensuring they have an adequate supply by calling the office when they need a propane delivery. Will call deliveries will be made within 5 business days and may involve additional fees if the delivery address is off the scheduled route.

While some people prefer having control over their deliveries, most find scheduling service and fill-ups to be a hassle, particularly in an out-of-gas situation. If your account runs out of gas for any reason or your gauge reads 5% or less at delivery, a leak check is required prior to restoring service. There is a charge for this code-required service.  Note: It is critical that will call customers do not attempt to restore service to or tamper with Revere Gas equipment in any way.

While it is easier for you as customer to enroll in automatic delivery, we understand that the will call delivery may suit you better. If this is the case for you, we ask that you provide Revere Gas written notice of desire NOT to be on an automatic delivery schedule. Call your nearest Revere Gas location to learn more about our delivery plans and discuss your options!