dixie-fuel-logoWe are proud to announce our recent purchase of Dixie Fuel Company of Newport News, VA, and welcome Dixie Fuel customers to the Revere Gas family.  Revere Gas was established in 1942 by H.L. Revere to service a handful of customers in his community with propane that was needed for their gas ranges.  We’ve grown a bit in 75 years, but some things haven’t changed.  We’re still proudly serving our communities with safe, reliable, and affordable propane service.

As a Dixie Fuel Company customer transitioning to Revere Gas, we know you’ll have questions about your account, and want to help answer some of those below:

What happens now?  Your account information has been transferred, but we do need to verify individual information to ensure accuracy and timely deliveries.  You’ll find a brief questionnaire below, and in a letter mailed to your address.  Please complete the information and submit the online form, or mail in the paper form at your earliest convenience.

Who do I call for service?  Our Williamsburg office will be servicing your account.  The office address is here, and phone number is 757-229-9665 or 757-249-1264.  We encourage you to take advantage of our complimentary Gas Safety Check offered to all new customers for the next 90 days.

How and when do I order gas?  Our automatic system is designed to deliver propane when your gauge reads approximately 30%, ensuring you always have propane when you need it.  All customers with credit accounts will be delivered to on an automatic basis.  Customers must provide written notice of desire NOT to be on an automatic delivery schedule.  Will-call customers are responsible for monitoring the gas level in the tank and ensuring they have an adequate supply.  Deliveries will be made within 5 business days.  Additional fees may apply to will-call customers.

What if I run out of gas?  Revere Gas is committed to safely providing reliable propane service to our customers.  To ensure the safety of your system, if your account runs out of gas for any reason or your gauge reads 5% or less, a leak check is required prior to restoring service.  Do not attempt to restore service or tamper with Revere Gas equipment in any way.  In situations when an out-of-gas incident occurs that is related to failure of our delivery system, the leak check will be completed at No Charge.  If it is not related to our delivery system, there will be a charge for this service.

Are there any other service fees or policies I should know?  Our service fees and termination policies are outlined in a brochure you will receive with your welcome letter.  Please take a moment to review the policies and FAQs, and call if you have any questions.

As a Revere Gas customer, you’ll continue to receive the same hands-on customer service you’re accustomed to.  We hope you’ll take advantage of the many additional services our customers enjoy.  Just a few of those services include:

  • Time-saving online account management – access your gas account online to pay your bill, set up automatic payments, request a delivery or service call, view account history, sign up for e-statements, and much more on this website.
  • Money-saving Price Protection Plans – you now have choices to help you stay in control of your propane fuel costs.  Do you enjoy predictable monthly payments? Want to lock in your rate, or prefer to purchase your annual fuel supply with one payment?  We have a plan to fit your individual needs and budget.  Find details for each plan in the brochure you received, or at this link.
  • Worry-free automatic deliveries – our predictive delivery system takes the guesswork out of calling for deliveries and ensures you never run out of propane.  This reliable system tracks information about the weather and average propane usage to schedule our deliveries.

In the coming weeks, we will be performing site checks verifying account information.  We’ll be using that information to complete your new Application for Service and Tank Lease Agreements.  Be on the lookout for our Techs and the new Service Agreements coming soon.

We believe you’ll enjoy our friendly, personal approach to customer service, and our commitment to safely providing affordable and reliable propane service.  We are excited to have you, and Dixie employees Heather and John, join the Revere Gas family.  Should you have any additional questions this letter doesn’t address, please don’t hesitate to give us a call or browse this website for additional information.  Our team looks forward to speaking with you.