Price Protection Plans & Application

Propane fuel prices and usage vary throughout the year, which can lead to unexpected expenses during colder months.  Thanks to the Revere Gas payment plans, you have choices to help you stay in control of your propane fuels costs.

The plans below are available at various times during the year.  If you’re not sure which plan is right for you, please call your local Revere Gas location and we’ll help you find the right option so you can enjoy greater peace of mind all year.

The Revere Gas Price Protection Plans

Level Pay Plan*

Heating Bills that are Predictable and Manageable
The Level Pay Plan spreads out your annual propane costs into even monthly installments so every payment is the same and costs are manageable. We use your estimated usage spread over 11 months; the 12th month is a settlement month.  Propane is billed at current market prices at the time of delivery.

Peace of Mind
All of our programs include worry-free automatic deliveries.  Our predictive delivery system takes the guesswork out of calling for deliveries and ensures you never run out of propane.  We also offer online account management for bill paying, with the ease of automatic payments.

Tired of Paper Bills?
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Fixed Price Budget Plan*

Monthly Payments with a Guaranteed Low Price: Lock in Summer Prices for Lower Heating Costs
We’ll lock in your price for the entire year with gas we purchase in the summer months when propane is generally less expensive.  You make regular monthly payments without worrying about market fluctuations.

Payments Spread Out Across the Year
Payments are spread over an 11-month period; the 12th month is a settlement month.

Enroll with a Low Program Fee
Your enrollment fee is minimal and based on individual usage. This fee is typically due in June, for the coming heating season.  Quotes are mailed in June for plans starting in July.*

Prebuy Fixed Price Plan

Purchase Your Annual Supply of Fuel and Lock in Your Fuel Costs
With our PreBuy Plan you purchase your annual supply of propane during the summer months, when prices are generally lower.  Simply let us know how much you’d like to purchase (minimum 300 gallons is required). Quotes are mailed in July and full payment is due within ten days of your commitment, and your propane is paid for the coming year!

Always Have the Fuel You Need
After you purchase, we’ll store your fuel and deliver it automatically as you need it. If you need more propane than expected, we’ll continue to deliver fuel at the current market prices. If you purchase more than you need, you’ll receive a credit toward next year’s plan!

*Some conditions may apply. Contact your nearest Revere Gas office for complete details.

Plan Application

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