Revere Gas provides options to offer you the best discount possible. Please contact one of our local offices for further explanation and to help you decide which plan is right for you – we’re here to help you in any way we can.

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Level Pay Plan

Heating Bills that are Predictable and Manageable
Spreads out your annual propane costs into even monthly installments! This plan is perfectly designed to give you simple and manageable payments throughout the year.

Level Pay payments can be made by check, debit card, credit card or by online payment through our website. We also offer time-saving automatic payments online for added convenience. The same amount is charged to your credit card every month, making your budget for propane easy to manage all year long.

Prebuy Plan
LIMITED TIME ENROLLMENT-Prebuy quotes will be mailed in July, with enrollment closing on July 31st.

Purchase Your Annual Supply of Fuel and Lock in Your Fuel Costs
Purchase your full annual supply and lock in a low summer rate with this plan. Come July, when propane prices are generally at their lowest, you can place an order for the full amount of propane you expect to use over the course of a year.

Once you decide to lock in, you simply let Revere Gas know how much propane you would like to secure (minimum 300 gallons is required). Payment is then due in full within 10 days of your commitment.

Fixed Price Budget Plan
LIMITED TIME ENROLLMENT – Enrollment for Fixed Price Budget is open through July.

Monthly Payments with a Guaranteed Low Price
Revere Gas will lock in your price for the entire year with gas we purchase in the summer months when propane is generally less expensive. This “best of both worlds” plan comes with a fee due in June, but the savings will keep you warm all winter long.

Payments are spread out over an 11 month period — you can pay online for added convenience; 12th month (typically June) is a settlement month.

Your annual fee is minimal and based on individual usage. Fee is typically due in June, for the coming season.