How will you power your business?

We’ve talked about the agricultural applications of propane previously on our blog, highlighting its use for forklifts, irrigation engines, grain dryers, flame weed control, movers and more. Many famers and landscapers love propane for its low-cost, because it is low-maintenance, and for its reliability. But what other businesses can take advantage of the benefits of propane? Here are a few:

Restaurants: Our residential customers know how great propane is for cooking on the stove, grill or in the deep fryer. Gas cooking appliances heat faster and allow for more control, making them great for restaurants, too.

Outdoor events: For weddings, parties, concerts and festivals located outdoors during spring, fall or winter, you’ll want to keep guests warm! Propane-fueled patio heaters become the warm huddle spot during any event, and extend the season for outdoor fun. Many outdoor events also use propane for keeping food warm during buffet-style serving! Here is an example from the most recent Urbanna Oyster Festival, where our propane was used:

Construction sites: For those who work on construction sites or home renovations, going to work on a cold day can be miserable! Construction employees benefit from the same types of propane heaters used at outdoors events, making them more warm and safe on the job.

Heating larger buildings: Hotels, schools and office buildings take large amounts of energy and a longer amount of time to heat during the winter months. Propane is a faster, more reliable way to keep customers, staff and students warm on frigid days.

Vehicles: For businesses with fleet vehicles or busses, increasing gas prices can be a financial burden. Propane is a cheaper, clean, safe way to fuel your vehicles. Hear about it more from a company who recently converted to propane for their vehicle fleet:

If you’re ready for all of the benefits of propane to power your business, contact your nearest Revere Gas location learn more about how we can make your company safer, more efficient, and more productive!