July Is National Grilling Month!

At Revere Gas, we are huge fans of gas grilling. It’s the way the pros cook, provides the most consistent cooking and is an overall cleaner way to cook. If you love to grill, July is your month, and we have some ready-to-go grilling recipes that are sure to make everyone at the cookout happy!

This recipe from the Spicy Southern Kitchen makes for a delicious classic London Broil.

From FoodieCrush, this recipe is a fresh and summery way to enjoy swordfish this season.

Also a creation from FoodieCrush, these grilled skewers are perfect appetizers for your vegetarian friends and family.

Another vegetarian creation from FoodieCrush involves putting pizza on the grill! Sounds weird, tastes great.

Dessert can be grilled, too! The peaches in this recipe can at least. This is a great way to cap off your delicious grilled meal.

If you are ready to upgrade to a quality propane grill, call your nearest Revere location. We have models in stock and ready to order that will make every month national grilling month at your house.