Fuel Your November

It is finally beginning to get cold in Virginia, and propane is the star of this month. From heating your home to cooking your Thanksgiving turkey, propane can fuel your November in a number of ways! If you’re as excited about the colder months as we are, check out these useful ways to take advantage of propane:

Space heaters: For areas in your home that need supplemental heat because they aren’t as warm as you’d like, propane space heaters are a great option. Space heaters warm quickly and are extremely reliable. There are many different types of space heaters, and our specialists are here to help you pick the perfect one!

Thanksgiving dinner: Cooking with gas is extremely efficient! It heats pots and pans more quickly than an electric stovetop because the heat is immediate, and allows for great temperature control. You can also deep-fry your turkey this month using a propane fryer, a delicious and fun way to bond on Thanksgiving (be sure to read up on safety tips beforehand)! Whether you need a 20lb propane tank, a burner or a deep fryer, our staff is here to help you prep your memorable Thanksgiving meal.

Fireplace: Nothing makes the season brighter than gathering around the fireplace to tell stories or watch holiday films. Propane fireplaces are easy to manage and warm quickly, perfect for a chilly November evening at home. Best of all, they are easy to clean and you’ll never need to stock up on firewood to keep them burning. We carry a large variety of fireplaces and hearths to ensure there is one to choose for every style home!

If you’re ready to get the best uses out of propane this month, contact us or visit your nearest Revere location to find out how we can fuel your November!