Family Owned Revere Gas Purchases Richmond’s Mr. Able Propane

Revere Gas has purchased Natural Gas Company of Virginia, doing business as Mr. Able Propane, of Richmond, Virginia. Mr. Able Propane is a propane gas and HVAC equipment supplier with more than 3,000 customers in the greater Richmond area. The move comes as Revere celebrates its 75th anniversary and is part of our desire to better serve propane customers throughout Virginia. Continue reading

Benefits of a Propane Fireplace

Fireplaces can be the best part of the colder months of the year. Some of our favorite holiday stories even feature them! However, traditional wood-burning fireplaces can be incredibly difficult to install and manage. Luckily, there is another way you can have the warmth and comfort of a fireplace in your home without hassle!

A propane fireplace provides all of the benefits of a wood-burning one, but with less effort and cleanup. Here are a few advantages of a propane fireplace:

Convenience and cost: If your home already runs with propane, installation and maintenance will be fast and easy. Propane is also cheaper than purchasing wood over time, and even less expensive than electric models that can drive up your energy bill.

Cleanliness: Because propane fireplaces are not burning wood, they will not leave soot and debris behind after use. Unlike a wood-burning fireplace, you don’t run the risk of tracking grime into your home after cleaning your fireplace or adjusting logs.

Reliability:  When cold weather sneaks up on you, you won’t have to worry about having firewood available. On days where snow and rain appear unexpectedly, having a fire going indoors is comforting and part of what makes us look back fondly on winter weather. If the power goes out, you’ll still have a source of heat and light, quickly. Avoid venturing into the elements to gather or buy wood by having a propane fireplace, which is always ready with the flip of a switch.

Socializing: A propane fireplace can be the trick to getting your family together in one space! Everyone wants to gather around the warmest spot of the house, and the result will be more socializing and bonding time between family members and friends, especially during holiday parties. What a great memory-maker!

If you’re ready to add a propane fireplace to your home, contact Revere Gas to find out about your options!

Revere Air HVAC Energy Saver Inspection Agreement

As we head into the cooler months, it’s important to make sure that your HVAC system is operating properly and poised to keep your home comfortable. That’s why Revere Air is offering a Revere Air Energy Saver Inspection Agreement for our customers in the Middle Peninsula communities.*

All inspections with our Energy Saver Agreement include a 16- point check list and during this inspection ($89 per seasonfor the first heating and cooling systems, additional $75 for subsequent systems), we will:

  • Inspect and check calibration of thermostat
  • Inspect and oil blower assembly
  • Inspect and oil all motors
  • Inspect and adjust belts and pulleys
  • Inspect condensate pump and drain
  • Inspect indoor and outdoor coils
  • Inspect unit electric disconnect
  • Perform temperature checks
  • Inspect relays and contractors
  • Inspect safety controls
  • Inspect unit wiring
  • Check refrigerant level
  • Check amp draw on motors
  • Inspect air filter
  • Check system operation
  • Inspect duct work

All inspections with our Energy Saver Agreement include:

  • Priority Service: Your service calls will receive preferred, “cut to the front of the line” attention.
  • Diagnostic Fee: Reduced diagnostic fee on service calls: $45, compared to standard fee of $89.
  • Fewer Service Problems Mean “Peace of Mind”: Our annual inspections help prevent breakdowns, assure maximum efficiency and extend the life of your equipment.
  • Discounted Repair Costs: On systems with current Energy Saver Inspection Agreement, save 10% on all system repairs–parts and labor!



Sign up for an Energy Saver Agreement today and make sure your heating and cooling system is ready for whatever nature throws at it! Apply here.

*Our HVAC department is based in Hartfield and services the middle peninsula – including Middlesex, Mathews, Gloucester, and King & Queen Counties. Call our Hartfield retail office at 804-776-9724 if you’re unsure of your eligibility for HVAC service. 

 Relaxation Starts Here.

Chances are, the last thing you think about is your air conditioning or heating system. You just expect to be comfortable. That’s why Rheem is the best choice you can make. Top-quality products with the latest technology, dependable performance great warranties and excellent service and support.

Get Ready For Fall With Revere! Pre Season Cleaning & Inspection Special

An annual cleaning and inspection of your hearth products can add years of service to your equipment, improve efficiency, and give you warmth and enjoyment in your home. Relax and enjoy the peaceful moments this fall and winter by taking advantage of our Pre-Season Special!

Our Special Pre-Season Offer to existing Revere Gas customers is only $95 per unit and $65 for each additional unit cleaned during the same visit, valid August 28- September 29.

Our Special Pre-Season Offer for non-gas customers is $115 per unit and $85 for each additional unit cleaned during the same visit.

Our service will include:

  • Clean the burner tube and/or plaques
  • Clean the logs and check for proper placement
  • Clean the pilot assembly
  • Clean the blower and verify its operation
  • Clean the fireplace glass
  • Check electrical connections
  • Check gas pressures
  • Check and replace decorative material
  • Verify venting operation
  • Free replacement batteries for existing remotes
  • Review operation and care of the unit with the customer

After October 2nd, prices will change to $115 for existing customers, and $125 for non-

gas customers.

We are also offering a Remote Control Special with this offer!* This includes:

  • On/Off Remote Skytech 1001A, available for $75 (normally $119)
  • TSTAT Remote Skytech 1001TH, available for $115 (normally $159)

Rely on Revere Gas for all of your propane needs – from lighting your pilot light to maintaining your fireplace – from season to season. Contact your nearest Revere Gas location to schedule an inspection now. 

(*Offer good when purchased /installed at the time of hearth cleaning.)

“Be Ready” For Hurricane Season

We are in the midst of hurricane season here on the east coast, and it’s a good time to remind you of a few safety tips for you and your home in the case of a storm:

  1. Have a plan ready in case of emergency, and review it with your family. Include a list of contacts for emergency services and for your propane dealer.
  2. If you don’t already have an emergency kit, prepare one to keep in your home. Your kit should include up to 72 hours worth of drinking water, non-perishable foods, batteries and a flashlight.
  3. If you have a generator, check to make sure it works and that the tank is filled.
  4. If you must evacuate your home, be sure that you have turned off your propane supply and have shut off your power supply.
  5. After a storm passes and the area is safe, check your home, propane tank and propane appliances, and power lines for damage. If it is dark, be sure to use a flashlight and never a candle.
  6. Never use outdoor propane appliances indoors or in enclosed areas, and be sure you have a working carbon monoxide detector.




For more information about propane safety during a storm, visit

Learn More About Your Payment Plan Options

RG Pay Plans ImageAt Revere, we can’t control the weather, but we can help you plan for the unexpected price fluctuations that come with it. Our price protection plans make budgeting for propane costs easier. What are your options?

Currently, Revere Gas is accepting applications for our Level Pay Plan – Heating Bills that are Predictable and Manageable.

The Level Pay Plan spreads out your annual propane costs into monthly installments, so every payment is the same and costs are manageable. We use your estimated usage spread over 11 months; the 12th month is a settlement month.  Propane is billed at current market prices at the time of delivery.

All of our programs include worry-free automatic deliveries.  Our predictive delivery system takes the guesswork out of calling for deliveries and ensures you never run out of propane. We also offer online account management for bill paying, with the ease of automatic payments.


For a more in-depth look at these plans, download our Price Protection Plan Brochure.

Apply here or call your closest Revere Gas location to gain peace of mind when it comes to energy costs.


Automatic Delivery vs. Will Call

If you use propane gas, you probably know all the ways in which it can improve and simplify your life. As a safe, clean, and efficient energy source, propane is a homeowner’s best friend. It does come with some responsibilities; however, like being familiar with Important Propane Safety Information. There are two ways to do this–either by automatic delivery or by will call. Do you know the difference? More importantly, do you know how and when your propane tank gets filled? Read on to learn more.

Automatic Delivery: 

You have a lot to think about when it comes to your home and family. Automatic propane delivery means one less thing to stress about. Our predictive delivery system tracks information about the weather and average propane use to schedule deliveries, so you don’t need to constantly watch the gauge on your tank (though it’s a good idea to check it periodically during periods of high demand).

For Revere customers enrolled in automatic delivery, our system is designed to generate a delivery ticket when your tank is at approximately 30%. Choosing automatic delivery makes ensuring adequate propane levels our responsibility. So, on the remote chance you run out of gas due to failure of our delivery system, you won’t be charged for the code-required leak check.

Another pro of the automatic delivery plan is that you are protected from the pain of waiting for manual propane delivery. This becomes especially important in the winter months when propane usage is higher and the weather is colder.

Will Call Delivery:

Customers on will call are responsible for monitoring tank levels and ensuring they have an adequate supply by calling the office when they need a propane delivery. Will call deliveries will be made within 5 business days and may involve additional fees if the delivery address is off the scheduled route.

While some people prefer having control over their deliveries, most find scheduling service and fill-ups to be a hassle, particularly in an out-of-gas situation. If your account runs out of gas for any reason or your gauge reads 5% or less at delivery, a leak check is required prior to restoring service. There is a charge for this code-required service.  Note: It is critical that will call customers do not attempt to restore service to or tamper with Revere Gas equipment in any way.

While it is easier for you as customer to enroll in automatic delivery, we understand that the will call delivery may suit you better. If this is the case for you, we ask that you provide Revere Gas written notice of desire NOT to be on an automatic delivery schedule. Call your nearest Revere Gas location to learn more about our delivery plans and discuss your options!

July Is National Grilling Month!

At Revere Gas, we are huge fans of gas grilling. It’s the way the pros cook, provides the most consistent cooking and is an overall cleaner way to cook. If you love to grill, July is your month, and we have some ready-to-go grilling recipes that are sure to make everyone at the cookout happy!

This recipe from the Spicy Southern Kitchen makes for a delicious classic London Broil.

From FoodieCrush, this recipe is a fresh and summery way to enjoy swordfish this season.

Also a creation from FoodieCrush, these grilled skewers are perfect appetizers for your vegetarian friends and family.

Another vegetarian creation from FoodieCrush involves putting pizza on the grill! Sounds weird, tastes great.

Dessert can be grilled, too! The peaches in this recipe can at least. This is a great way to cap off your delicious grilled meal.

If you are ready to upgrade to a quality propane grill, call your nearest Revere location. We have models in stock and ready to order that will make every month national grilling month at your house.

Premium Prices On Premium Grills

Gas grilling is convenient, quick, and unabashedly delicious. Summertime means spending time in the backyard with friends and family and firing up the grill more often than other parts of the year. It’s exciting to try new grilling recipes and to perfect old favorites. Let the Revere family help make grilling spectacular with GREAT deals on high-end models of Broilmaster and Wilmington Grills.

From June 1 through July 3, we are offering special prices on Broilmaster and Wilmington Cape Fear Deluxe grills as well as a free 20lb propane cylinder or $75 discount on grilling line installation** with purchase.*

Broilmaster Grill (Premium P3X Series) Includes:

  • P3-XLP head
  • Stainless Steel Cart/Base
  • (2) black side shelves with stainless steel drop-down brackets
  • Normal Selling Price: $1,098
  • Promo Price: $975

Wilmington Cape Fear Deluxe Includes:

  • Cape Fear Classic
  • Front panel
  • Front shelf with utensil/cup holder
  • Warming rack
  • Normal Selling Price: $2,098
  • Promo Price: $1,942

Contact your nearest Revere Gas location to take advantage of this special before July 3! It’s the perfect summer addition to every household and since we have limited grill quantities, it’s smart to call now to reserve yours!

*Promo pricing does not include delivery or sales tax. Grill line cost may vary based on installation.

**Discounted grill line offer only applies to existing Revere Gas customers